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Without These Legal Forms
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You're probably here because someone advised you to get legal documents or forms for your website. Maybe it was the author of a book, a website, or even your attorney who told you that you must have legal forms to protect your business.

Problem is, while the right forms can protect you from lawsuits and government alphabet organizations, the wrong ones will give you a false sense of security while leaving you wide open to massive financial and even criminal liabilities.

I could tell you stories about online marketers who lost thousands of dollars in civil lawsuits and alphabet agency penalties, but you probably already know about some of the more famous cases. So I'm not going to waste your time sharing gossip.

Sure, some of these business owners did some stupid things or even dared the law to come crashing down on them, but many others were simply victims of circumstance. We're talking about honest people trying to sell goods and services that delivered real value to their customers.

But then something went terribly wrong...

  • A visitor tries a health tip on your website and is rushed to the hospital with kidney failure. Now they're suing you for $300,000 in medical bills and $1Million in damages...
  • A customer buys your infoproduct about how to increase profits with Adwords and loses $5000 over three days in click costs. Now they've sicced their lawyer on you...
  • You review products on your blog for which you are paid a nice affiliate commission. It's a great gig. Now FTC is knocking on your door and they've decided to make an example of you... Better get your checkbook ready, those penalties aren't cheap!
  • A curious visitor clicks a link in one of your blog postings. The link takes them to website that has been hijacked by hackers and automatically downloads a nuclear-level virus to their computer that wipes out over 4 years of work. They are furious and go after you for sending them there...

If you're the unlucky website owner in any of the above cases, you could possibly...

  • Spend more than $30,000 in attorney fees defending yourself
  • Lose your business and every cent of your income
  • Go bankrupt (both you and your business) trying to pay fees, fines, and damages
  • Flee the country, one step ahead of the authorities, leaving behind your friends, family, and most of your possessions
  • Go to jail!

But You Can Avoid These Nightmares »

The Right Legal Forms Protect And Serve Your Business

Unlike having life insurance (which does nothing for you while you're alive), protecting yourself and your business online with strong legal forms is NOT an option you can afford to ignore.

Website legal forms are no longer "just for big business."

They are for everyone who maintains a public web presence. Today, if you have a website—even one "just for fun" that doesn't make a dime—you must cover your ass. The web is maturing quickly and you can no longer afford to play it fast and loose.

It's funny, but I've noticed over the years how people will enthusiastically spends hundreds, even thousands of dollars, buying products that promise to teach them how to make more money. As a marketer, I know all about the "greed glands" that drive people toward anything that offers gratification—money, sex, power, and all other forms of personal satisfaction.

As a lawyer, I've observed the opposite reaction when people need legal services. The smart business owners understand the necessity for top notch legal help, but rarely is anyone enthusiastic about paying for it. Sometimes, I think people would rather burn their money than give it to a lawyer.

The irony is that attorneys like me often save businesses more money than they'll ever make from the best "money-generating" infoproducts. Just ask anyone who has successfully fended off a lawsuit or escaped prosecution, or used an attorney to protect them against bad deals. They'll tell you that their attorney fees were the best dollars they've ever spent.

If you think dwelling on the bad things like lawsuits and prosecution by government agencies is "negative thinking"—think again. It's not "negative thinking" to accept the reality that bad things can and do happen to businesses just like yours. It's how serious business people think.

Address your weaknesses and eliminate them. Protect yourself.

And website legal forms are the easiest, fastest, and least expensive way to protect yourself online.

That said, there's a way good legal forms can help you make money, too...

Proper website legal forms build credibility with customers—and that means more sales.

If you're dealing with a first-time buyer who's never been to your site before, having those legal policy form links at the bottom of every web page builds their confidence in you. It tells prospects that you are a "real" business, not a careless amateur who can't deliver on your promises.

Sure, it might seem like a formality to have those forms on your site, but a new customer is often easier to spook than a cat trapped in the middle of a dog show. Anything that can reassure them brings them one step closer to buying.

Not All Website Legal Forms Are Created Equal »

Why Website Legal Forms MUST Be Created By An Experienced Internet Lawyer

Copywriters might be king when it comes to selling on the web, but there is only one person who should create website legal forms... an experienced Internet attorney.

Many attorneys will tell you that they can provide all the legal documents you need for your website. I've got two words for them:

Dead Wrong!

The best attorneys specialize in certain areas of the law for the same reason smart marketers sell to niches—you can dominate a niche if you spend the time and effort to understand it.

What about a lawyer who considers himself or herself to be "General Practitioner" or legal "jack of all trades?" In my opinion, lawyers who attempt to practice family law on Monday, real estate law on Tuesday, and Internet law on Wednesday afternoon are the kind of lawyers who rarely gain the knowledge and experience to be effective in ANY form of law.

Let me put it another way: Would you ask your dentist to perform brain surgery? They both do work inside your head—what's the difference?

I'm an Internet attorney. My legal practice only serves businesses that operate on the Internet. When I decided to focus on Internet businesses 14 years ago, my colleagues thought I was crazy. But it's obvious now where business is growing fastest.

The Internet is quickly outgrowing it's "Wild West" stage and becoming "civilized." This means greater government scrutiny, regulation, and accountability. And the laws regarding how you operate a business online seem to change on a daily basis. Only a lawyer who dedicates full-time effort to Internet law can hope to stay on top of these changes.

And that's why you want website legal forms that have been written by someone like me.

Who am I? First, I'm the President of the Internet Attorneys Association LLC. Second, I've become the go-to attorney for Internet law. This isn't bragging. Many of the top names in Internet marketing have dealt with me as either one of my clients or because I've represented the other side in one of their deals.

In short, I know the law as it pertains to doing business on the Internet. It's what I do—all I do—every day. Insist on that level of commitment from the attorney who creates the legal forms you use on your website.

That said, I have to warn you that my services are not cheap. If you come to me for custom legal forms created specifically for your business and website, you can typically expect to pay anywhere from $7,750 to $8,900 for a custom forms package.

While my custom legal forms are the best solution for businesses wanting the ultimate protection, I know that my price for custom forms may seem expensive and is probably out of reach for many small businesses.

This is why I created Website Legal Forms Generator™ as an affordable alternative to custom website legal forms. It's a powerful new hassle-free legal software program (for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7) that generates 10 website legal forms for you in 17 minutes or less without disclosing your confidential information to anyone. The documents in Website Legal Forms Generator™ were written by me and represent a very good do-it-yourself solution. You simply enter your information into the Website Legal Forms Generator™ software and it creates the forms for you.

I want to be perfectly clear on this point: The Website Legal Forms Generator™ software is not a substitute for legal advice or customized documents if you can afford to pay for them. But it is a darn good do-it-yourself solution for those who can't afford Internet legal representation.

NOTE: The documents in Website Legal Forms Generator™ 2.0 (the current version available here) have been modified or created as-needed, based on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guidelines effective December 1, 2009.

What Legal Forms Do YOU Need? »

What Legal Forms Does Your Website Need?

Depending on your business and website, you will probably need from 4 to 10 legal forms for your website to provide basic protection from most legal assaults.

When you use the Website Legal Forms Generator™ software, it generates 10 of the most commonly-needed website legal documents. Odds are, you came here for a few specific documents, but weren't aware of the other ones you can use to protect yourself.


Important: The legal forms I'm offering through Website Legal Forms Generator™ are a product, NOT legal representation by me. If you purchase Website Legal Forms Generator™ and use it to create your website legal forms, this does not mean I am your attorney. You are purchasing a license for using the forms only and I do not represent you or your business.


Below are the 10 documents produced by Website Legal Forms Generator™ and a brief description of them:

Terms and Conditions of Use: Tells visitors and customers what they can and cannot do as part of viewing and using your website. If used correctly, you can get others to contractually agree to terms and conditions that favor you in the case of disputes and limit your liability in the process.

Privacy Policy: Informs visitors to your website about the type of information you may be collecting from them, how you are using that data, and how they can contact you to discuss privacy issues. This builds trust with your visitors that their information will be protected by you and not misused.

Anti-Spam Policy: Because unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam) is such a nuisance these days, and the U.S. federal government has strict penalties for spamming that can include prison time and big fines, your anti-spam policy tells the public that you don't spam and won't tolerate visitors misusing information from your website in order to spam others.

External Links Policy: Although you can control your own website's content, there's very little that you can do about the content on websites you link to. The site you link to today as a valid resource might become a site that contains illegal content (such as child pornography) or sells harmful products (dangerous medications) next month. And if you have a blog on your site, you run the constant risk of someone adding bad external links through comments. You don't want the liability for sending traffic to the wrong site.

Earnings Disclaimer: If you sell products or services on your website that customers can use to make money, you'll want to protect yourself with an earnings disclaimer because some of your customers will have unrealistic expectations about how much money they can actually earn. This disclaimer makes it clear that you're not responsible for how much money your customers will make. They must take responsiblity for their own actions instead.

Affiliate Agreement: When you run an affiliate program that pays others for generating sales on your website, you'll need an affiliate agreement in place that protects your legal interests in case you have a dispute with an affiliate over payment or the way the affiliate is promoting your products and services. You want to pay only what's fair as affiliate commissions and make sure that your affiliates aren't misrepresenting your stuff in order to sell it. In addition to protecting your income, you're also protecting your reputation.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Notice: The DMCA is a complicated U.S. federal law that makes you responsible for handling copyright infringement complaints in a certain way. The DMCA Notice form was created to help you comply with this law by making it easy to field any infringement complaints because it will reduce your chances of getting sued.

Health Disclaimers: If you sell health-related products or services on your website (such as diet and exercise), protect yourself with health disclaimers because some of your customers will have unrealistic expectations about the results they can achieve using your products or services. This disclaimer makes it clear that you're not responsible for results, that you're not providing medical advice, etc.

Refund Policy: A clear refund policy is needed to handle dissatisfied customers. This policy states the terms and conditions under which you will provide a refund and how your customers should apply for one and return any goods they received from you. Good refund policies reduce customer complaints both to you and about you on the Internet. They also remove the element of risk from buying your products and services, boosting customer confidence and increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Compensation Disclosure Policy: Very important for affiliate marketers. Because of the Federal Trade Commission guidelines effective December 1, 2009, you'll want to disclose your affiliate status and other material connections to your website visitors. This policy was specifically created by me based on many of the issues raised by the new FTC guidelines.

What My Customers Say »

Here's What Satisfied Website Legal Forms Generator™ Customers Say... is easy and lightning fast.


Wow, nice work! Your Forms Generator software is easy and lightning fast. I created my Terms of Use and all other necessary website legal forms in as much time as it took to write these sentences. And then a couple of clicks later ... off to the website designer.

Any business person or website owner who doesn't deal with his vulnerability to legal action these days is asking for trouble. Period. How upside-down have things become when a judge of all people will sue for $67 million over a lost pair of pants, and then for $54 million because the dry cleaner used the phrase "satisfaction guaranteed?" It's crazy out there, and we need to protect what is ours. No business or site is immune. They need to be bullet proof ... and your software did that for our JetzTrim site. What a relief!"

Rich Wynes
BTS Accessories Group


Absolutely perfect for what I need and want for my websites.

"Michael, I just wanted to send you a quick note about your new product. Not only will I use the living heck out of this thing, it's absolutely perfect for what I need and want for my websites. In fact, this is what everyone needs. People would be insane to miss out on it. It's a sure-fire winner in my book." 

Eric Louviere


I am confident that I am protected!


Wow, this has to be one of the easiest and most comprehensive website legal forms generator software tools I have ever used. 

Having an on line business these days, it's surprising how many people DON'T protect themselves. Their most common reason is "Too expensive to hire a lawyer to write these documents!" 

Well, now there's no excuse with your software on the market. And you being a lawyer who practices Internet law, I am confident that I am protected! Great Job Mike! "

A Satisfied and Protected User, 

Michael Ambrosio

What's The Cost? »

Get Website Legal Forms Generator™ For A Fraction Of What An Internet Lawyer Would Charge

Here are two simple choices if you want legal forms: Hire an internet attorney to draft custom website legal forms specifically for your website and business at going rates (for around $7,750 to $8,900). Or, grab Website Legal Forms Generator™ at the promotional price of $197 and do it yourself. You'll need about 10 minutes to enter all relevant info about your website and business.

website legal forms generator softwareAgain, Website Legal Forms Generator™ is a do-it-yourself solution. When you get the software, simply install it on your desktop, click the program icon, fill in a few blanks, and click the "Generate" button. In less time than it takes to check your e-mail, you'll have all 10 legal documents in HTML format that you can use on your website.

Of course, you'll also receive a handy reference guide you can refer to at any time with questions about installation or use of the software.

Website Legal Forms Generator™ is currently available at the promotional price of $197.

Can you find cheaper forms? Absolutely.

I've examined low-priced do-it-yourself legal form packages from Internet marketers and online legal document stores (the Walmarts of the legal document world). Most of these share two common flaws: They are generally out of date with regards to changes in the law and they were drafted by people who do not have a proper understanding of Internet law. In some cases, the sellers of these forms freely admit they created the forms themselves—AND THAT THEY ARE NOT LAWYERS!

The question you need to ask yourself is, "Can I afford the risk?"

$197 is about what decent shared web hosting costs for a year. What is the security of your business worth to you?

To sweeten the pot further, I've added two bonuses as logical companions to Website Legal Forms Generator™. Think of them as part of your legal force field.

BONUS #1: Website Legal Protection Course ($875 value)

The Website Legal Protection Course consists of 10 modules taught by me on different aspects of website legal protection documents and how they can reduce your online legal risks. Watch these modules as videos online or download as mp3 audio versions to listen to at your convenience. If you were to pay me for a one-on-one consultation to discuss these same issues, it would cost $875.

BONUS #2: 7 Steps to Protecting Your Internet Business - Audio Presentation

I taught a group of Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle Members how to protect themselves while doing business on the Internet. This no-holds barred presentation was recorded and is available to you now through this special offer as an MP3 audio download. Listen to it on your computer or mp3 player, or burn it to a CD.

Don't Wait! The Price Will Go Up (No B.S.)

If you've been paying attention, then it's obvious you need these forms on your website RIGHT NOW to cover your assets. You should also order now because the price is likely to go up soon. Software development costs continue to rise, so I can't promise the  promotional offer of just $197 will be available much longer. In case you think this is a B.S. marketing tactic, keep in mind that the price of Website Legal Forms Generator has risen twice since I released version 1.0.

To ensure you get this special price, plus claim all your bonuses, simply click the button below now.

Only $197 Today!

Guaranteed Good Deal! »


I've spent many hours researching and creating the documents in Website Legal Forms Generator™, plus thousands of dollars in programming fees, to produce a do-it-yourself forms package that offers the best alternative to custom written legal forms.

In fact, I'm convinced you won't find a better value for forms of this quality.

However, if you're not satisfied with Website Legal Forms Generator™, if the software fails to perform exactly as promised, I will happily refund your money.

Simply destroy your copy of the software, take down the legal forms from your websites, and ask for a full refund any time in the next 30 days. I'll refund your money, without hassles, plus you get to keep all the bonuses you've received. That's a firm promise and commitment from me.


Claim your copy of Website Legal Forms Generator™ and your 2 bonuses now by clicking the button below.


Yes! I want the Website Legal Forms Generator software for the promotional price of just $197 total.

I know that the price may be going up soon so I must act now to save..

I also want to receive the 2 Special Bonuses including the "Website Legal Protection Course," and the audio presentation "7 Steps to Protecting Your Internet Business."

I understand this is a special offer and I may not be able to get either the software or the bonuses later at this price.

I also understand that this offer is backed by a 30-day 100% Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee.

"Hey Michael thanks for putting this together. It took me just 8 minutes to enter my info once ... and then the forms were auto-generated. I really like the included affiliate agreement that was generated, which is a must for anyone having their own affiliate program."

Peter Koning, Founder

Only $197 Today!

Important: The legal forms I'm offering through Website Legal Forms Generator™ are a product, NOT legal representation by me. If you purchase Website Legal Forms Generator™ and use it to create your website legal forms, this does not mean I am your attorney. You are purchasing a license for using the forms only and I do not represent you or your business.

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